April 18, 2017

James H. Wikoff

James Holmes Wikoff, M.D. (March 16, 1832 – June 8, 1910), aka James Wyckoff, was born near Long Branch in Monmouth County. He graduated from Princeton University in 1851 and received his Doctor of Medicine degree from City University of New York in 1854. For most of his life he was a resident of Princeton and was one of the leading physicians in the area. In addition to serving as Worshipful Master of Hightstown Lodge #41, Dr. Wikoff served as President of the Board of Trustees of the Princeton Theological Seminary, the first Seminary founded by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Wikoff was one of the charter members of the Princeton Water Company and later served as president. He was also director of Princeton Bank. In the early 1900s he was the physician for former president Grover Cleveland, who resided in Princeton after leaving office.