April 20, 2017

John C. Holmes

Dr. John C. Holmes (January 11, 1842 – August 21, 1906) was born in New Jersey and raised in South Brunswick. He graduated from Princeton (Class of 1863) and remained with his parents until sometime in the early 1870s, when he moved to Cranbury. He was initiated in Hightstown Lodge #41 on March 14, 1873, passed on April 18, 1873, and raised May 16, 1873. He served as Junior Warden in 1876 and Senior Warden in 1877 before becoming Worshipful Master in 1878-79. He dimitted from Hightstown Lodge #41 and in 1885 became one of the founding members of Apollo Lodge #156 in Cranbury, later serving as Worshipful Master.

Dr. Holmes, one of two resident practicing physicians in Cranbury in the early 1880s, was one of the first depositors at the First National Bank of Cranbury when it opened in 1884. He deposited several hundred dollars worth of gold coins that he had been hiding under a trap door in his office.

He died in 1906 in Jamesburg after being struck by a train.

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