April 19, 2017

John R. Shangle

John Rogers Shangle (September 16, 1848 – 1927) was born in Edinburg, New Jersey and was a second-generation Worshipful Master of Hightstown Lodge #41, serving in the East in 1876-77. He joined his father Sering Shangle in his machinery business, and became a partner in 1871. He put the business up for sale after Sering died in 1899, finally selling it in 1905.

Following even further in his father’s footsteps, John R. Shangle was elected¬†Mayor of Hightstown in 1906 and 1908, after having served as township collector for more than a decade. In addition to his service in Hightstown Lodge #41 he was a member of Hightstown Council #70, Junior Order of United American Mechanics and Mercer Lodge #22, Knights of Pythias.

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