April 18, 2017

Samuel Mount Schenck

Samuel Mount Schenck (April 3, 1838 – January 15, 1899) was born in Freehold, New Jersey and began his career as a lawyer in November 1862. He established his law practice in Hightstown and quickly rose to prominence in the town. He was elected mayor of Hightstown in 1876 and again in 1882. He was one of the organizers and for a long time a director of the First National Bank and mainly instrumental in bringing about the consolidation of the old bank with the new institution. He was also associated with several other Jerseymen of prominence in the ownership and management of the Pennsylvania, Slatington and New England Railroad, of which he was at one time Vice President and Treasurer.

Contemporary accounts give the cause of his death as consumption (tuberculosis). The Hightstown Gazette eulogized him thus: “Few men hold a larger share of the respect and affection of the community in which they live than did Counselor Samuel Mount Schenck. He was always the same urbane and gallant gentleman and, whether in his home or abroad, he treated those he met with the same courtesy and kindliness. He was always a man of refined and scholarly tastes, a great reader, and a lover of all that was rare and beautiful in art and literature.”

WB Schenck served Highstown Lodge #41 as Secretary in the mid-1860s before subsequently serving as Junior Warden (1867), Senior Warden (1868) and finally Worshipful Master (1869-70).

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