Vintage Postcard With Hightstown Lodge #41

Main Street in Hightstown, NJ has been a popular subject for postcards in the past, as this example shows. What makes this undated vintage postcard of particular interest to Freemasons is the fact that Hightstown Lodge #41 can be plainly seen. Click to see the full-size version.

Undated Hightstown, NJ postcard

The structure on the right is the Hutchinson building (or Hutchinson’s Hall), which was the home of our lodge from 1867 through 1943. As the square and compasses on the outside indicate, our lodge was located on the third floor of the building, which was also the home of Davison’s store for many years. That third floor was destroyed during Hurricane Hazel in 1954. But the lodge had long since relocated to a new home at 230 Mercer Street. For more on that, please see our history page.

Based on the presence of horse and buggies on Main Street, this photo is likely dated anywhere from the 1890s through the 1910s. The first Hightstown resident to own a car was Ernest McIlevaine, who purchased a Locomotive Steamer in 1900. Certainly by the 1920s, automobiles were ubiquitous in Hightstown as in many other American towns and cities.

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